Mobile Phone Recycling

Non-working Phone

If your phone is damaged, it may still be worth something. The non-working price is displayed under the working price on the product details page. Please note that a small percentage of phones may fail to meet our minimum requirements and will be ineligible for payment.
Please refer to the condition guide below for more details.

What condition must my device be in?


  • In full working order
  • Must turn on and off
  • Screen must be working and intact
  • Must include a battery and battery cover
  • Must not be crushed or water-damaged


  • Does not power up
  • No battery or battery cover present
  • Operating system missing, damaged or corrupt
  • Faulty keypad
  • Badly damaged casing
  • Screen faulty or broken
  • SIM gate broken or missing
  • Memory card holder broken or missing
  • PIN locked
  • Must not be crushed or broken in more than one piece
  • Must not present any of the conditions listed in the "Fails to meet requirements" list

Fails to meet requirements

  • Physically broken in more than one piece
  • Broken/cracked/snapped hinges
  • SIM and/or Memory card glued in
  • Liquid ingress/Water damage
  • Bent circuit board (a hint would be if the phone is bent at an odd angle and shows signs of having been bent & re-straightened)
  • Non genuine product (clones or fake phones)
  • Not UK handset (foreign specification or SIM-locked to a foreign network)
  • Missing or damaged IMEI label
  • Blacklisted by CheckMEND (a check is performed when the device is added to basket and upon recepit)
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